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But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. (2 Peter 2:1)

Leon Du Preez is a young man in Gauteng, South Africa that claims he was called at a very young age to the Prophetic ministry. It wasn’t a sense or leading but according to him it was via the Physical appearance and call of God Himself. On his Prophetic Institute Website, he describes his bona fides,

“He has been both recognized and fathered by the genesis and pioneer of the modern-day prophetic movement — Prophet Uebert Angel, who is known as a Prophet to Prophets, having prophesied to presidents, actors, global icons and foretold various world events, changing the course of nations and history.”1Prophetic Institute Website

Du Preez views himself as an Evangelist that works in a revival atmosphere and as noted, presents as his credentials his assertions that God Himself personally visited to appoint him to Prophetic office and he was confirmed by Prophet Uebert Angel.

Leon’s teaching

The church Leon pastors is Encounter Church in Centurion and Krugersdorp, South Africa but is achieving an international reach over the Internet and has a campus in Statesboro, USA. The church’s basic beliefs are stipulated in the Statement of Faith on their website, but we need to remind our readers that a statement of faith may not actually reflect what a person or group actually believes. We need their dictionary. How do they define their words? Their comments, expressed views, and actions reveals and clarifies that their true beliefs are sometimes in opposition to what their stated beliefs may be. The broad narrative of Leon’s teachings does not fit with the general statement of faith on his website. More importantly it does not conform to the essential orthodox doctrines of the historic biblical faith.

Leon teaches basic New Apostolic Reformation theology. God is limited and dependent on humans. Leon declares that God needs His Church’s prayer to accomplish what He needs to do in this World. In the words of Leon,

 “Prayer gives Heaven License to intervene in the affairs of this world.”2Prophet Leon Du Preez | The Limited God | Ad Lucem Ministries | Ps Rudolph P Boshoff, December 2, 2020

As pointed out earlier, Leon’s appeal to signs and wonders to affirm his teaching’s validity, and the prophetic is essential to God’s expressed Kingdom right now on the earth. There are at least two problems with this claim. The first is that according to Jesus, false prophets may perform signs and wonders but that doesn’t validate their claims to be called of God.(Matthew 7:22-23) Second, I have shown in Methods of Madness: Prophetic Techniques EXPOSED that Leon’s Prophecies are not supernatural but can be deemed ordinary predictions and hunches explained by various cold reading techniques. Leon maintains that because Prophets directly speak oracles from God, their words are to be honoured as God speaking via these Prophetic impressions. They are to be regarded as authoritative as Scripture. He writes.

“We need to understand that prophets speak the oracles of God. This means that when we receive what they speak, and honour their words as coming from the God, we receive and honour what is of God.3Leon Du Preez; A PROPHETS REWARD, November 13, 2020

There are various modes of revelations, and Leon maintains that revelations can be stirred via a direct revelation of God’s revealed presence, visions, and even angels. Leon declares that Christians should look and even increase in dreams and trance-like experiences and for a fee will teach you how to put this into practice.4How to See Visions? Course As a sidenote, we do not find in Scripture in either Old or New Testament that those whom God called had to learn how to prophecy, see or interpret visions. The Spirit came upon them and they immediately performed what God enabled them to do, without error.

I believe that Encounter Church is not an ordinary Charismatic move, but in all aspects, ventures into metaphysical realities that would more accurately defined as an esoteric cult. Leon promotes various elements that are not Biblical, like Rhematology,5i.e., Theology of the Spoken Word Commanding demons, and Out of Body Experiences. Leon did relate that in his earlier life, he indulged in some of these practices.6Leon’s Spiritual Battle, July 19, 2016 One of the most notable metaphysical teachings is that Words can create realities.7Positive Confession: Can I have what I say? | Ad Lucem Ministries | Ps Rudolph P. Boshoff, January 11, 2020

The Theology of the Spoken Word, or thought actualization, is commonly known as positive confession. It stresses the inherent power of words and thoughts and holds that every person predestines his future by what he says verbally and by how well he uses spiritual laws of positive confession. This teaching asserts that we live in a mechanistic universe instead of a personal one, and if we declare the right Biblical passages, God must perform or bring to pass what you asked.8Positive Confession and the Biblical Christian (Part 1 of 2); Pastor Rudolph Boshoff D. R. McConnell wrote,

“The Working presupposition of positive confession is that one’s mental attitude determines what one believes and confesses, and what one believes and confesses determines what one gets from God.”9A Different Gospel: The Doctrine of Faith, Hendrickson Publishers, 1995; Pg.135

Leon declares boldly; 

“Do you know the power locked up in your words? Your voice carries the very same power and authority as Jesus’ voice carried. When Jesus spoke to the storm, there was a great calm. When Jesus addressed sickness, there was instant healing which took place. When Jesus spoke to demons, they were cast out at His word. If a demon submitted to the words of Jesus, and they submit to the words of those who walk in power, then everything else should submit to your words too – your bank account, your health, your storms, and your circumstances. The opposite is also true. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, it withered up and died. The question is, do you speak life over yourself, or do you curse yourself with words of complaining, words of negativity and words of doubt? God has every intention to bless you, but if your words are constantly bringing death and destruction, then is God not answering your prayers or are you simply aborting that which He wants to do in your life? May we become so aware of the words we speak, and may we channel the power locked up in our breath to achieve the impossible and attain the unthinkable.”10THE WORD YOU SPEAK TODAY CREATES YOUR TOMORROW, Leon Du Preez; March 24, 2020

Commentator on the New Age Metaphysics Ron Rhodes writes;

“According to New Thought, human beings can experience health, success, and abundant life by using their thoughts to define the condition of their lives. New Thought proponents subscribe to the “law of attraction.” This law says that just as like attract the things they want or expect. Negative thoughts are believed to attract more desirable circumstances; positive thoughts attract more desirable circumstances. Our thoughts can be either creative or destructive. New Thought sets out to teach people how to use their thoughts creatively.”11Ron Rhodes, The Counterfeit Christ of the New Age Movement, Baker Publishers, 1991; Pg.149.

Leon declares quite comfortably that the supernatural should be normative in the life of all true believers. He writes;

“God has ordained for you and me, long before the foundations of the Earth, to tap into the dimensions of the supernatural, both to attain ‘higher living’ for ourselves, as well as for those around us.”12THE OBED-EDOM DIMENSION; Leon Du Preez, July 9, 2020

Leon teaches that we can independently command the Spiritual realm in a very similar manner as Jesus Christ did when He walked the earth.

 “We need to have a realization today of the power that we carry! If you read this verse, the Bible says that Jesus permitted them. You have the ability to do the same! Demons can beg you to cast them out, and you can permit them or not. You have control over them simply by the words that you speak. Didn’t Jesus say that you will do greater works than Him? You have the ability to allow a demon to do something or not.”13A SIGN OF YOUR DELIVERANCE; Leon Du Preez; September 1, 2020

A feature of this Prophet’s teaching is classic Word of faith Theology which declares that we are little gods. This doctrine is heretical and has numerous implications for those that profess it. Leon writes;

This is the very same method in which God created the heavens and the earth. When you study creation and you read that God was hovering over the face of the earth, what it actually means is that as God was brooding over the waters, constantly imagining a possible outcome. He saw the creation in its fullness through His imagination before it was even formed! The Bible says that we were created to function like God. We carry His likeness and DNA. So today I’d like to encourage you to use your mind — your imagination — and begin to create your future.14WHAT DOES YOUR IMAGINATION LOOK LIKE?; Leon Du Preez, November 3, 2018

Another tenet of Leon’s ministry is the principle of sowing and reaping which in Word Faith teaching is a principle which promises that you monetarily obtain attain the gifts and favor of God. Financial giving is an integral part of his ministry, and every session or event is prefaced with the opportunity to give so that God may provide to you. For Leon, favor from God comes directly;

“In the Body of Christ there are different Graces and Anointings. You can meet someone with a healing Grace and that Grace can fall on you, the same is true with favour, the Grace of favour that someone carries can be imparted to you. The Gift that you honour will determine what you receive.”157 KEYS TO PROVOKE FAVOUR; Leon Du Preez, October 22, 2020

“God measures our tithes and offerings by the amount we keep for yourself.16HEAVEN’S SCALE; Leon Du Preez, April 6, 2020

Concerns about Evangelical Prophecy

Scholar David A. De Silva cautions in his textbook, An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods & Ministry Formation, that;

“Once authority becomes located in the teacher’s alleged access to the divine, it is quite difficult to bring external, objective standards to bear on evaluating their claims.” (David A. De Silva, An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods & Ministry Formation InterVarsity Press (IVP), 2004; Pg.873-874)

So many people abandon themselves completely to what the prophet has to say. Biblically Jesus shows that there will be a change in dispensation when he gives the Gospel.

“Until John the Baptist, the law of Moses and the messages of the prophets were your guides. But now the Good News of the Kingdom of God is preached, and everyone is eager to get in. (Luke 16:16).

There is a succession of the mode of expected revelation, in the Old, the Law of Moses and the Prophets. From patriarchs and the prophets to the people. Now in Christ, from Christ to the Church. Jesus therefore announced in Matthew’s Gospel (11:13).

“For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.”

Or as the author of Hebrews said,

“On many past occasions and in many different ways, God spoke to our fathers through the prophets. But in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe.…”

So, what is true New Testament Prophecy? John the Beloved Disciple (19:10) writes,

“Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

We can recognize from Scripture that what Leon endeavours to do is declared redundant Biblically. Jesus ushered in a new dispensation, and as our mediator, we should wholly lean on His guidance and Prophetic office (1 Tim.2:5, Heb.12:1-2), not another man of God that declares, ‘thus saith the Lord.’

When we look at this man’s following, we see that people allow for everything to be directed by the Prophetic, and Leon seems to be the Prophet to observe and associate with. In their book, A New Apostolic Reformation: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement, Holly Pivec & Dr. Douglas Geivett wrote.

“because of the extraordinary authority attached to the words of a … Prophet, a great danger is that people… will become overly dependent on seeking personal direction from such prophets… [and] they will obey the words of a … Prophet much as they would the words of God.”17R.Douglas Geivett & Holly Pivec, A New Apostolic Reformation: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement Lexham Press, 2014; Pg.136

I fear this is what has happened in these Churches. Because of the global influence and the social media influx of ministries like this, it is essential for us to be sober and ‘test the spirits to see if it is from the Lord’ (1 Joh.4:1).

In conclusion, Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley writes;

“When people ascribe that authority to mystical experiences, the results are damaging to their spiritual lives, sometimes tragically so. Here the saints must embrace the balance of biblical wisdom. We must not deny the reality of Christian experience as the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Christianity is not merely a set of prescribed beliefs and behaviors. It is not less than that, but it is more, for it engages the affections of the heart. The saints walk with the living God. Christ is real to the believer, and his Spirit is our indwelling divine companion. However, we also must not fall into experientialism, ascribing divine authority over our faith and obedience to spiritual experiences. The belief that God continues to grant special revelation through personal experience fosters unhealthy experientialism.”18Pastoral Concern about Evangelical Prophecy, Joel R. Beeke, Paul M. Smalley, April 20, 2019Ω

Pastor Rudolph Boshoff has been full-time vocational ministry for the last 20 years and is currently the director of Ad Lucem Ministries (Towards the light). This ministry investigates theological trends and apologetic questions in an African and a broader global context. You can contact Ps Rudolph at:


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