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  • Speakers from Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. (MCOI) can speak in your local churches, conferences and special events. Our topics: the Christian worldview, un-Biblical beliefs, cults, false religions and more.
  • We have years of experience hosting seminars on these topics for your church or organization.
  • We have issues — lots of them! Our past issues of the Midwest Christian Outreach Journalare being digitized. Our ongoing research and writing updated online each Thursday.
  • We distribute literature, tapes and videos essential for understanding and engaging false beliefs, both within and outside the church.
  • Do you need help getting out of a cult or spiritually oppressive group? What about a family member or a friend? If so, consider getting counseling, or help from our intervention services.
  • Whenever possible, we provide personalized teaching and training to those who request it.
  • We host live weekly webcast on Tuesdays at Noon CT, The Unknown Webcast, on our YouTube Channel.
  • Need more information about a questionable group, teaching or practice? Check with our research services department and we’ll do our best to look it up.
  • Our staff and volunteers are available for radio, television and newspaper interviews on various topics.
  • Finally, though we focus on proclaiming the essentials of the Christian faith, we occasionally produce position papers on other controversial issues.

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