In Defense of “Merry Christmas”: The Battle for Freedom and Faith

The “War on Christmas” is treated by the media as an annual event, obviously because the Christmas season is upon us only once a year. The general public became more fully aware of this battle when it was reported in the last few years that many retail stores ask their employees to offer greetings of “happy holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas” as a less offensive approach to interacting with customers. Of course, the phrase … Continue reading

Theology … More or Less With Beth

(Originally printed in the Fall 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 6) A prolific writer, speaker, and well-known Southern Bap­tist, Beth Moore is all the rage among women across de­nominations. To many, she seems to be everything she portrays: an effective Bible teacher who enthusiastically encour­ages women to study the Bible and draw closer to God. And like any other popular Christian writer and speaker, she has reaped a share of criticism—some … Continue reading

Millennials, Moms, and Ministry

(Originally printed in the Fall 2011 Issue of the MCOI Journal) For many years, the current youth generation—“Generation ‘Y’ ” or the “Millennials”—has been the focus of numerous books, articles, and studies. From a Christian perspective, much of the analysis has been developed to equip ministry leaders with the tools they need to reach into their lives and connect with them at a level relevant to this age group. But some of the analysis has been … Continue reading