Sacrificial Love

(This originally appeared in the March/April 1997 edition of the MCOI Journal) I was raised in a Christian home but, in my teens and early twenties, I became very skeptical of Christian claims, the good book, and especially of God Himself. Looking back, I cannot say I really doubted the existence of God, although I think I made that claim. No, as I reflect on it, I did believe that He was there, but I … Continue reading

The Church in Crisis

by Don & Joy Veinot & Ron Henzel (Originally printed in the Winter/Spring 2003 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 1) In a world awash in new religious movements—or what could properly be termed the “repaganization” of the world—Russell D. Moore raises a very important question regarding the future of the Church: …the questions over evangelical identity are not ultimately about turf wars over publishing houses or academic guilds. They are about one … Continue reading

In Defense of “Merry Christmas”: The Battle for Freedom and Faith

The “War on Christmas” is treated by the media as an annual event, obviously because the Christmas season is upon us only once a year. The general public became more fully aware of this battle when it was reported in the last few years that many retail stores ask their employees to offer greetings of “happy holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas” as a less offensive approach to interacting with customers. Of course, the phrase … Continue reading

Bill Gothard – Truly Repentant?

The Internet was again all abuzz when A Statement from Bill Gothard Is Bill repentant or is he just embarrassed that he has been publicly exposed? Obviously I cannot know his heart but over the last 17 years I have been able to observe how Bill does things. In the sex scandal of the early 1980s he was able to divert nearly all attention to the behavior of his brother Steve. Did that leave him … Continue reading

Say it Ain’t So, Mark

I have always liked Mark Driscoll, pastor of the Mars Hill mega church. I read his Confessions of a Reformission Rev and I liked the angry young prophet who built a church in one of the most secular areas in the country. I liked his no-nonsense style. I liked him even more when he broke from the herd of emergent churches to take a stand on doctrine, so that there was a difference between the … Continue reading

Random Thoughts on Bill Gothard’s Resignation

The last few weeks have witnessed changes in Bill Gothard’s titles and positions at his various ministries. A few weeks ago when the news hit the Internet, Oak Brook College of Law Distances Itself from Bill Gothard and IBLP many were caught off guard. Within days new headlines read Bill Gothard placed on leave by his board after abuse allegations. This past week Bill Gothard Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Investigation and at least 2 Board … Continue reading