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Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at your Enneagram, right? That’s what many Evangelical churches and institutions are advocating through their less-than-secret endorsement of this New Age paradigm of spirituality. The Enneagram is not a corporate, business self-assessment, or a means to discovering your personality type, or the modus operandi by which the Holy Spirit reveals your spiritual gifts. Rather, as Marcia Montenegro and Don and Joy Veinot chart in their well-researched work, the Enneagram is a New Age, mystical, path to God. Each of the nine points or personality types allegedly indicates specific paths to God and the face of God, Himself. To claim there are any other paths to God apart from the person and work of Jesus Christ flies in the very face of Scripture and the Gospel itself. We owe a great debt to Montenegro and the Veinots for their well-researched, robust, response to this New Age form of heresy that has crept into the church. Tolle lege!