What is Truth?

In John 19:38 Pilate responds to Jesus when he quips, “What is truth?” It was more of a commentary on the problem of language in that day than on the claims of Jesus. The very definition of “truth” in Greco-Roman culture was elusive and contradictory. For the common people, all truth claims were regarded as equally true. For philosophers, all truth claims were equally false. For politicians, all truth claims were equally useful. When Jesus … Continue reading

The Nephilim Files

This is a follow-up to the Angels Unawares and Demons ‘Ex Machina:’ What Are Demons? articles from The Crux, August 29, 2019 and October 3, 2019, and it will be followed by one regarding giants. These articles are succinct versions of otherwise very detailed elucidations from several books I have written.1 An online search for “Nephilim” just yielded “About 20,900,000 results” so the Bible must be saturated with references to them: here is every biblical … Continue reading

Myths and Genealogies

In 1 Timothy, after his opening salutation, the Apostle Paul immediately launches into warnings about false teachers, false doctrine, myths and genealogies. What is he referencing in the category of “myths and genealogies”? The Faithlife Study Bible comments: The Greek term used here, mythos, refers to legendary stories about the gods. It also could be used to describe stories generally understood to be false. Such tales distracted believers from the truth (i.e., the gospel message) … Continue reading

The Loss of God’s Holiness

Over the years we have watched various dubious fads ripple throughout the church. They’re not all the same, but one trait these fads seem to have in common is the loss of God’s holiness. Of course, God has lost none of His holiness, even after all these centuries, but the new fads seem almost universally to downgrade the Christian’s view of God’s awesome holiness. The awe is missing. One example is the new “travel industry” … Continue reading

Demons “Ex Machina:” What Are Demons?

This is a follow-up to the “Angels Unawares” article from The Crux, Thursday, August 29, 2019 and will be followed by articles on Nephilim and giants. These articles will be succinct versions of otherwise very detailed elucidations from several books I have written.1 The concept of “ex machina” refers to something that “appears as if out of nowhere, in a mechanical manner.”2 Such is how demons appear in the text of the Bible since it … Continue reading

Reading Romans

Something always bugged me about Paul’s letter to the Romans. Growing up in the atmosphere of Evangelical churches, principally Baptist, I absorbed the accepted narrative of what was going on in Romans. Paul wrote a letter to the house churches in Rome. It is Paul’s “Theological letter” meaning it is this treatise on the Gospel, meaning how to get saved. Sure, Paul always has some practical application for believers signaled by the transition in 12:1 … Continue reading