The Cost of Leaving

What is the cost of leaving a cult or false religious group? What does that even mean? Many well-meaning Christians are under the impression that being in a cult or false belief system is easily remedied by simply exposing bad theology and replacing it with correct theology. It isn’t so. My friend Jhan Moskowitz, perhaps one of the most gifted Bible teachers I have known, would sometimes start his talks at apologetics conferences by declaring … Continue reading

Cults in Our Culture: Two Case Studies

(Originally printed in the Fall 2004 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 12) We live in a time and place where tolerance is considered more of a virtue than truth, and where truth is more highly valued in used-car salesmen than in the local Church. But the Word of God consistently values the necessity of absolute truth in doctrine and, in fact, professes to be truth (John 17:17). If for no other reason … Continue reading

William Branham ’s Family Tree

By Eric Pement (This originally appeared in the May/June 1998 edition of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 4) When he is remembered at all, he is remembered with a reverence befitting a legend. Yet, what did this obscure evangelist teach? The name of William Branham probably will be unfamiliar to most of our readers, but to the Christian world a generation ago, he was as well known as Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell is … Continue reading