Visions of Vision Forum

Some of our readers may remember our Journal article Who Will Be First in the Kingdom? which looked at some of the teachings of Vision Forum. In the article, one of the issues we looked at was an article by Brian Abshire which stated that God does not permit women to vote. There was a flurry of activity and a number of threats from Vision Forum regarding the article (these along with our responses are … Continue reading

What Gives You the Right to Declare a Teaching False?

On a fairly regular basis we are asked who or what gives us the right to declare a teaching false or to question the teachings of others. After all if Rick Warren writes, “Whenever God wanted to prepare someone for his purposes, he took 40 days,” what right does MCOI have to point out that none of the examples he gives in The Purpose Driven Life support his claim as we did our article “The … Continue reading

Answering Vision Forum

Vision Forum posted their letters to MCOI on Friday, September 21, 2007. This is an updated explanation of our response which follows: On August 20, 2007 we received a letter from Vision Forum dated August 17, 2007 . It was 15 pages in length of which 3 pages were endnotes. At their request in the letter I called to confirm I had received it, typed a short response that I had received it and prepared … Continue reading

Letter From a Patriarch – Pastor Brian Abshire

We received a letter from Rev. Dr. Brian M. Abshire, Teaching Pastor at Highlands Reformed Church in response to our article Who Will Be First in the Kingdom?. After writing Pastor Abshire called and we spoke for a while. I found him to be kind, open and very much a gentle man. I had suggested that he upload his letter to his website as our article is public and our response would be as well. … Continue reading

Examining the Premises of the Patriarchal Promises

Many of you are aware that our current Journal article “Who Will Be First in the Kingdom?” has received enough interest that we put the Journal online earlier than usual. We have recently received a letter from Bob Renaud at Vision Forum Ministries answering the questions we had asked in January. Within a few days of that we received a letter from Pastor Brian Abshire, the author of “Biblical Patriarchy and the Doctrine of Federal … Continue reading