What is THIS doing in an Apologetics Journal?

(Originally printed in the Summer 2003 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 13) by Mike J. Knowles Does any of this sound familiar? Living day to day, minute to minute, wondering if it will ever get any better, wondering if the hurt and despair will ever stop. Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning (afternoon?) because of not wanting to face another day of loneliness and depression. “If anyone really … Continue reading

Tina’s Story

By Tina Ehrhardt (Originally printed in the January/February 1996 Issue of the MCOI Journal) “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you, free” (John 8:32). Being raised a Roman Catholic, I was ‘taught that Roman Catholicism was the truth and the only way to heaven. I was the youngest of two children, born to two wonderful, hard-working, devout, Roman Catholic parents. Our biggest loves in life were our Slovak heritage and … Continue reading