Bill Gothard’s Double Standards

Recovering Grace is a website which hosts discussions of the teachings of Bill Gothard and his Institute in Basic Life Principles. They do this in an effort to help those who have been hurt by Gothard’s legalistic and authoritarian teachings. On February 19, 2016, Recovering Grace was forwarded a letter which had been sent to an attorney representing a number of individuals who have filed suit against Bill Gothard and the Institute. This letter was … Continue reading


Intimidation comes at us on a variety of fronts and sometimes in subtle ways. It might come from the political arena or religious groups. Sometimes it is family or work associates. In some cases intimidation can be a good thing but is most it can be destructive and is used to manipulate. “Where can it be good?” you might wonder. During the Cold War era the U.S. and Russia instituted MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction. … Continue reading

Leaving a Spiritually Abusive Group

(Originally printed in the September/October 1996 Issue of the MCOI Journal) After three frustrating and disillusioning years, my ministry position in an evangelical church came to a disappointing end in 1987. My wife and I searched for a new church home, but even more, we searched for answers. We longed for a fellowship that exemplified ideal Christian unity. I wondered if, maybe, God really hadn’t called me to local church ministry. “Perhaps, I should go … Continue reading