Death by Mosquito

Ah, spring is in full swing. Flowers are in bloom, the trees have leaves, lawns are in full growth and, the dreaded mosquito is on the scene. Even as I thought about this last week, Joy and I were listening to an audio book while on our route to and from California. The book, A Rule Against Murder: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel by Louise Penny . It is a well done murder mystery set … Continue reading

The Morphing of the 3 E’s

I became a Christian in the 1970s. This was a challenging and exciting time for me. I hadn’t grown up in the church and was by example (my father) and choice, an atheist prior to being persuaded of the validity and truth of the claims of Christianity. When I became a believer the Jesus movement was in full swing and the era of church trends seems to have been coming into its own. Being a … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Social Scientists Discover Evangelicalism!

It seems that Sociology has finally started taking an interest in that amorphous moniker: “Evangelicalism.” I once had a sociologist friend describe sociology as the “Study of all things obvious.” Evangelicals have been around for a long time, but as Timothy Beal writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education: . . . [A]cademic studies of American evangelicalism and related movements have been fairly few and far between compared with those of other religious subjects—such as … Continue reading

Rick Warren, Hinduism, Diets and Doctrinal Famine

Last week I have a response to the blog we had done in October of 2007, My Yoga is Easy: Hinduization of Christianity. The initial comment, (dated January 16, 2011) wondered why we, if we have Christ, we would be so afraid. I was able to respond *the following response) that fear had nothing to do with it but safety warnings are important. While this was transpiring I received the news that Rick Warren had … Continue reading

In The Beginning…

This past week a couple of things again demonstrated the need to ask the question as to how the church got to where it is today. The first was the falderal over The Manhattan Declaration. The number of signers is increasing daly and is nearly at 200,000. FOX News is discussing it but as I pointed out in last week’s Crux E-Letter, this is little more than an updated version of the 1984 Evangelicals and … Continue reading