Stranger Danger

(Originally printed in the Summer 2004 Issue of the MCOI Journal ) When our children started school, we were introduced to the “Stranger Danger” program. With a growing concern about strangers abducting school children, we, along with most other parents, spent time talking with our kids about Stranger Danger. “Don’t talk to strangers.” “Walk in a group.” “Never get into a stranger’s car, or go anywhere with him—even if he says he knows your parents … Continue reading

Cure All Bondages

(This originally appeared in the Summer 1999 edition of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 4) One only has to glance at (he shelves of the local Christian bookstore to surmise that the topic of spiritual warfare is a hot one. It seems many authors are expounding on the best way for Christians to gain victory over sin and Satan. One such writer is Neil T. Anderson, former Professor of Practical Theology at Talbot Seminary, … Continue reading