Rainy Day People

Christians are supposed to be happy, happy, happy – not fearful or depressed about difficult situations in life, right? Those of us involved in discernment ministries or missions to cults and false religious movements are focused on false teaching and false teachers. Even as we challenge both, we very often encounter hurting people who are attempting to reach a family member or close friend who is lost and involved in a cult or false religious … Continue reading

The Christian Duty to Lament

  I was going to write something snarky today but then this happened. 50 people are dead. 50 people God loved fiercely are dead including one Omar Mateen. So no snark today. There is little doubt that people will express their anger, disbelief, and sorrow on facebook. There is even less doubt that pundits and politicians will claim they know how to fix things in the coming days. But what are ordinary Christians to do … Continue reading

An Apologetic for Mourning

This past week has had highs and lows which were a little more extreme than usual. I had the privilege of going to Singapore and teaching at the S-Word Evangelical Free Church. They were gracious servant hosts and the congregation was wonderful—I will have more to say about the trip next week. My mother-in-law, Juanita, had been praying for the trip and was excited that God gave us the opportunity to minister in Asia. She … Continue reading