The New Emergence (or Re-emergence) of Old Paganism

Last week, Jonathon began our discussion on Christianity, Homosexuality and Rome with Somebody Blew Up Alderaan! Now What? As western culture, both here and abroad, continues to abandon its Christian roots, it may be helpful to consider that we are really headed back to the very pagan roots into which Christianity was born. The church was birthed into a very dark and evil time in world history, which was thoroughly pagan in its outlook. Our … Continue reading

Marriage Matters Because the Gospel Matters

When the news came out that same-sex marriage is now the law of the land, I was not surprised.  Our country has been headed down this road for some time now and it is was no surprise to me, and probably to many other Christians, that this was coming.  Our political landscape has been devoid of any fear or reverence for God and His Law, and we have been witnesses to the consequences.  That is … Continue reading