Emotionally Healthy Spirituality or Something else?

(Originally printed in the Spring 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal page 6) The entire world seems to be turning away from using rational understanding toward a reliance on mystical means as a basis for life.1 Is the Emergent Church hyphenated or regurgitated? It all depends on whom you ask. I believe readers are astute enough to be able to discern that, and they will when they look at this analysis of a recent book. … Continue reading

The Twightlight Saga: Your Soul for Immortality

(Originally printed in the Spring 2010 MCOI Journal) The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer has sold over 85-million copies in 50 countries.1 Movies have come out based on the first two books, Twilight and New Moon, and movies are due to come out on the last two books of the series, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eager fans have stood in line to get the first copies of each succeeding book and have excitedly queued up … Continue reading

Lessons from the Mission Field

(Originally printed in the Spring 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal) Many years ago, in a town far, far away, or so it seems, two youthful believers—Joy and I (Don)—were part of a small church. I had grown up with an Atheist world view but had been a Christian for a few years. Joy had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home and had recently rededicated her life to Christ. We were both … Continue reading

What’s So Great About Christianity – A Review

By Dan Cox (Originally printed in the Spring 2010 MCOI Journal) The title of Dinesh D’Souza’s book What’s So Great About Christian­ity is not a question. It is a statement—a powerful and persuasive statement about the fundamentally rational nature of Christian belief. Popular celebrity New Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris would have us believe it is irrational to believe in God—especially the God of Christianity. These New Atheists argue that … Continue reading