The Gift

(Originally printed “The Gift” In the November/December 1996 MCOI Journal) What is it about Christmas that draws us every year to celebrations of this holiday? What is so special about Christmas? Christmas is a special time because of the happiness it brings. It’s a time of giving and receiving, a family time, a time when we feel especially close to friends and loved ones. It is a time of happy reminiscing; remembering the carefree happy … Continue reading

Pagan Roots

By Michael Ervolina (Originally printed in the November/December 1996 MCOI Journal) It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’re pulling out the decorations from the attic and setting up the tree when you hear the doorbell. You mumble something about how this always happens when you’re busy. Arriving at the door, you are met by two smiling faces. You think to yourself, “Great, I ran all this way just to hear from some Jehovah’s Witnesses.” “Hi,” they … Continue reading

From Worshipping Idols to Worshipping the One True God

By Ravi Narasimham (Originally printed in the November/December 1996 Issue of the MCOI Journal) I was born into a Brahman family 27 years ago, one the most orthodox castes of Hinduism in India. I was raised by parents and grandparents who adhered to high moral standards. As the first grandson born to my loving grandparents, and had the privilege of visiting several sacred Hindu places and participating in rituals with them. My grandparents followed a … Continue reading

The Salvation Puzzle

(Originally printed in the November/December 1996 Issue MCOI Journal) The ICC (International Churches of Christ) are orthodox with regard to such doctrines as the deity of Christ, the Tri-unity of the Godhead, inspiration of the Scriptures, etc.. They err primarily in their view of salvation and authoritarian control. As we have pointed out in previous issues, the ICC holds that one must be a disciple with a discipler over him before he can become a … Continue reading