The “Restoration” Fallacy

The Restoration Movement has always been a fascination to me.  Mormons are but one of the many groups that grew out of this movement, and they seem to be at the forefront of the groundless assertion that the first century Church, which was established by Jesus, failed to endure and has had to be completely restored to apostolic vitality. The Old and the New Testaments both mention apostasy or falling way, (for example, Jeremiah 2:19; … Continue reading

Who Are the Christadelphians?

By Dave Moore (This originally appeared in the March/April 1997 MCOI Journal) Ask the average person in the street if he knows who the Christadelphians are and he probably won’t have a clue. Even most Evangeli­cal Christians don’t know who the Christadelphians are. Recently, the 14,000 homes of Glen Ellyn, Illi­nois were introduced to the Christadelphians when they received a flyer in the mail inviting interested persons to a free seminar series to be held … Continue reading