Can the Leopard Change His Spots?: An Analysis of the Turbulent ICC

(Originally printed in the Winter 2004 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 8 ) Introduction The International Churches of Christ, popularly known as the Boston Movement, has been one of America’s fastest growing religious groups for two decades. Leader Kip McKean’s version of discipleship provides the structure for the movement at every level and spreads a simple heresy to hundreds of thousands of people. Boston Discipleship is an extra-biblical practice that has brought … Continue reading

The Meal Jesus Gave Us

My church does does a few weird things that I’ve come to love. The first is that we have communion every Sunday. I know, I know. For some of you that’s not weird at all. But before I moved above the Mason-Dixon line, we were lucky to do it once a quarter. I was afraid that if I did it every Sunday it would lose its meaning. I didn’t want that experience to as stale … Continue reading

An Examination and Evaluation of the Brownsville Revival

Jeffrey M. Spencer (This originally appeared in the Spring 1999 edition of the MCOI Journal) beginning on page 8) INTRODUCTION The “Brownsville Revival” began at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida on Father’s Day (June 18, 1995) under the direction of Pastor John Kilpatrick and visiting Evangelist St eve Hill. From the very start, this movement has been overflowing with bizarre manifestations and uncontrollable behavior such as laughing, shaking, barking, roaring, and temporary … Continue reading

Missionaries to America – Deux

(Originally printed in the Spring 2011 Issue of the MCOI Journal) This is a paper that tries to identify the unity between the Old Testament and the New Testament regard¬ing God’s desire to reveal Himself to ALL people, i.e. evangelism. We recognize the Great Commission in the New Testament to reveal God to all people. Often, however, we think that this call was not part of Israel’s purpose in the Old Testament. This is not … Continue reading

Who Are the Christadelphians?

By Dave Moore (This originally appeared in the March/April 1997 MCOI Journal) Ask the average person in the street if he knows who the Christadelphians are and he probably won’t have a clue. Even most Evangeli­cal Christians don’t know who the Christadelphians are. Recently, the 14,000 homes of Glen Ellyn, Illi­nois were introduced to the Christadelphians when they received a flyer in the mail inviting interested persons to a free seminar series to be held … Continue reading

The Salvation Puzzle

(Originally printed in the November/December 1996 Issue MCOI Journal) The ICC (International Churches of Christ) are orthodox with regard to such doctrines as the deity of Christ, the Tri-unity of the Godhead, inspiration of the Scriptures, etc.. They err primarily in their view of salvation and authoritarian control. As we have pointed out in previous issues, the ICC holds that one must be a disciple with a discipler over him before he can become a … Continue reading