The Real Origins of Positive Thinking and Word Faith Theology

Mitch Horowitz, an award winning journalist, has traced the unseen and largely unknown origins and roots of both Positive thinking and Word/Faith theology in his book One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life,Crown Publishing, (New York, 2014, 338 pages). The two movements of Positive Thinking and Word Faith in fact are very close relatives; one is ancestor to the other. This invaluable book is a history of all the key players and their … Continue reading

”Another Jesus” Calling by Warren Smith– A Review

Every believer should read and digest Warren Smith’s newest book, ”Another Jesus” Calling ( Warren Smith, Lighthouse Trails Publishing, Eureka, Montana, 2013, 174 pages, $12.95). It gives insight from a former New Ager about the way in which New Age thought and terminology is infiltrating and permeating the Christian church at large. Sadly it is all being done through publishers, book stores and books that are supposed to be Christian. The allure of these questionable … Continue reading


The words thanks or thanksgiving are used over 100 times in the Bible. That in itself seems to make the concept and the word very important. The root meaning is to be grateful or to overtly express gratitude. It is simply giving thanks to God and in recognition of His good gifts being grateful for all His blessings. One must focus on the blessings rather than the negatives for that to happen. The old hymn … Continue reading

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality or Something else?

(Originally printed in the Spring 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal page 6) The entire world seems to be turning away from using rational understanding toward a reliance on mystical means as a basis for life.1 Is the Emergent Church hyphenated or regurgitated? It all depends on whom you ask. I believe readers are astute enough to be able to discern that, and they will when they look at this analysis of a recent book. … Continue reading

Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong About the New Atheism

(Originally printed in the Fall 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 10) By Phillip E. Johnson and John Mark Reynolds IVP Books, Downers Grove, Illinois, ©2010, 118 pages, $15.00 Review by G. Richard Fisher Phillip Johnson is a leading spokesman and apologist for the Intelligent Design movement, and John Reynolds is a PhD and author of Three Views on Creation and Evolution. They have teamed up in this cutting-edge new book. Books … Continue reading