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One of our prayer partners is Joy’s cousin, retired pastor Keith Heyn. We appreciate he and his wife Margaret. They, like so many of us, are concerned about our current national distresses and a few days ago Keith sent a proposal which I would like to ask you to consider joining in with us:

August 6 to November 3, 2020

 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”…Psalm 122:6

Our nation is in the midst of a health crisis along with social and political division and unrest. The only answer is to seek God for healing, peace and reconciliation in these difficult times. Over 400 years ago Martin Luther’s 95 Theses concerning papal and ecclesiastical abuses sparked the Reformation and initiated profound change in the church and culture at large. Luther called for humility and repentance, a return to biblical truth, mercy and good works, and devout prayer. The critical times we live in also call for humility, truth, mercy and prayer. Only this will bring about the change we need.

The purpose of this call for “90 Days of Prayer” leading up to our national elections is to seek God’s mercy, blessing, and peace for our land. It us urgent that Christians pray and seek God’s will to be done in our nation, in our government, and in the elections; that we ask God to turn the hearts of Americans from their “idols” of materialism, power and sex, and pray for revival in the church and the healing of our land (“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land”…2 Chronicles 7:14)

The outline for this 90 Days of Prayer for our nation:

  • Commit to pray daily for our nation (at least 5 minutes)
  • Base your prayers on Scripture and God’s sovereign will
  • Follow the daily prayer focus (below) and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer
  • Consider incorporating a once a week 8-24 hour fast (if you are able)
  • Invite others to join you in this prayer effort

Daily Prayer Focus (repeat each week beginning Thursday August 6 to Tuesday, November 3)

Thursday — LOVE and MERCY (Psalm 103:6-12; Micah 6:8; Romans 13:8-10; James 1:13-18)

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s love for all and inspire love for one’s neighbor
  • Pray that believers will be examples of unselfish love, mercy, and kindness to all
  • Ask God to turn the hearts of those who are selfishly motivated to show mercy to others
  • Pray that families will be strengthened and learn to love, forgive, and support one another

Friday — REVIVAL and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (Psalm 80:17-19; Matthew 5:13-16; 6:33; James 1:5)

  • Pray that God will revive and renew churches and Christians to seek His kingdom first
  • Pray that God will give wisdom to spiritual leaders and churches in these difficult times
  • Pray that believers may be salt and light in their communities, attracting others to God
  • Ask for an outpouring of the Spirit’s power to call all people to repentance and faith

 Saturday — HUMILITY and REPENTANCE (Isaiah 55:6-7; Daniel 9:3-19; John 16:7-11; James 4:4-10)

  • Pray that people will humble themselves and turn to God in these turbulent times
  • Confess and repent of the sins of our nation and its people (along with any personal sin)
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and call people to “turn from their wicked ways”
  • Ask God to withhold His judgment and show mercy, allowing time for repentance

Sunday — GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY and TRUTH (Psalm 33:10-12; 47:2,6-9; 85:8-13; Zechariah 8:14-17)

  • Worship and praise God as the One who sits on the throne and rules over the nations
  • Call on God to exercise His sovereign control over the forces working against His will
  • Pray that God’s kingdom rule will be brought into our government and culture (media, etc.)
  • Pray that lies and deception will be exposed and conquered by the truth of God

Monday — PEACE and HEALING (Psalm 122:6-9; Jeremiah 29:7; 33:3-9; Ephesians 2:11-18)

  • Pray that God would restore peace and harmony in our nation despite differences
  • Ask that God would break down the racial/social barriers that divide us and bring us together
  • Pray for God to guide people toward economic recovery, mental and emotional well-being
  • Seek God’s wisdom, mercy and healing to manage and end the coronavirus epidemic

Tuesday — GOVERNMENT LEADERS and COMMUNITY (Psalm 75:4-10; 147:5-10; 1 Timothy 2:1-4)

  • Pray that God will give wisdom to our national and local leaders in making policy decisions
  • Pray that God will remove and raise up elected officials according to His perfect will
  • Pray for protection of local leaders, law enforcement, judges, health and school personnel
  • Ask God to support and strengthen families and individuals who are facing hardship

Wednesday — JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS (Psalm 34:13-18; Isaiah 9:6-7; 56:1-2; Jeremiah 22:3)

  • Pray for an end to corruption and injustice at all levels and in every institution in our nation
  • Pray that those who feel oppressed or treated unjustly may find relief, healing and hope
  • Call on God to frustrate the plans of those promoting immoral and ungodly ways
  • Ask God to increase the influence of those who stand for justice and righteousness

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful”Colossians 4:2Ω

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