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It’s never too late to add a new hymn to our hymnals. And what better way to do it by updating an old melody with lyrics suited to the present socio-political realities that each of us face each and every day?

With that in mind, we’ve taken a classic tune that just about everybody knows and reinterpreted it for a generation that has little use for such concepts as sin, grace, and redemption. So, in keeping with the progressive agenda of erasing all memories of the past that do not fit its worldview, we present you with a new set of lyrics that captures the spirit of the moment.

Virtue Signaling

by Ron Henzel

(To Be Sung to the Tune of “Amazing Grace”)

Vi – ir – tue signaling
I tweet the sound
Of my o – own righteousness.
My – y Face-bo – ok posts
Show I care more
Than you about the oppressed.

‘Twas sig-na-aling
That showed me why
The-e go-vernment should tax you
To-o pay for the social justice stuff
That I do – on’t want to do.

Throu – ough many – y protests
That I watch
O – on YouTu – ube videos
A So – ci – al Justice
War – rior
Career i – is what I chose.

When my profile gets
Five thousand friends
Who share my hostilities
I’ll convert i – it to
A fa – an page
For all e – ter- ni – ty

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