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President Barack Obama “self-identifies” as a Christian. Liberal media, progressives and the political left loses their mind if anyone questions his self-identification. The church he attended for 20 years through which he gained his understanding of his claimed faith denies the essential doctrines of the faith as historically taught and understood. But because he can spell the word C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N and he self-identifies as one, all must accept it without qualification.

Rachel Dolezal who is white, born to white parents self identifies as Black. Again, objective criteria must be abandoned and detractors are to simply affirm that whatever she claims to be is what she is. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, her inner Blackness and self-identification are what matters not her genetics and ancestry.

Bruce Jenner “self-identifies” as a women and Glamour Magazine proclaims him, her, whatever as Woman of the Year! He is hailed as a hero by progressives. His assertions or “self-identification” determine what is true and all should accept his self-identity solely because that is his current truth.

Then we have word from California:

The California State Assembly passed a bill Thursday mandating schools permit boys to play on girls’ athletic teams and utilize the ladies’ locker room if they gender identify as girls — or vice-versa for girls identifying as boys.

Just because someone is anatomically male that is no reason to deny them the right to wander around girls and women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in the altogether. After all, they self-identify as a female and no one has the right to question that based on anything as mundane as anatomy. That is so yesterday.

One of the most recent is 52 year old Stefonknee Wolscht. He has been married for 23 years, has 7 children and now self-identifies not only as transgender but also trans age. 52 year old Stefonknee “self-identifies” as a 6 year old girl.

Okay, but we seem to have some serious hypocrisy afoot here. President Barack Obama and the left are insisting that ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Jihadi groups are NOT MUSLIM. What???? These groups self-identify as Muslim. They and their followers assert they are following the teachings of the Qur’an and Mohammad as he revealed and lived the faith (and indeed they are). Who is the President and progressive left to suddenly decide there is some newly discovered objective criteria which trumps their sacred inviolable, unchallengeable truth of “self-identification” which empowers them to deny someone the right to self-identify as a Muslim? As the late Mr. Rogers might have said, “Can you spell double standard boys and girls? I knew you could.”Ω

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