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In the event you haven’t noticed, the world is a dangerous place. It is a time for clear thinking and forthright truth telling, yet deceit and obfuscation seem to be the order of the day. This week, we have witnessed the Great Snowflake Meltdown on college campuses. These obviously oppressed students seem to be operating on the idea that they have a right to be protected from being offended, even to the point that none of their viewpoints should be challenged, and opposing views should be forcibly suppressed. In their view, college campuses should be “safe spaces” – thought-free zones where the fragile tykes can avoid anything that might cause them any intellectual or emotional conflict. As we have seen however, the “snowflakes,” rather than being harmless and vulnerable doves in need of protection, are really quite tyrannical. The newly minted Thought Police will punish any university president or professor that doesn’t perfectly toe their line, and they succeeded in forcing a number of resignations this past week. Oh, what fun it is to bring down the mighty! How very meaningful their lives are! How glorious it is to wage a safe revolution on a college campus! But then life, being cruel, delivered a blow. In the middle of setting up new segregationist policies to suppress people and ideas that differed from their own, something happened that interrupted their entertainment. ISIS terrorists attacked Paris, killing 129 people and injuring many more. The students mourned the loss of life, and realized how very childish were their demands and issues, in light of this real human tragedy! Oh wait, no — that didn’t happen. They were very upset that all the media attention to their pitiful cause abruptly dried up. The cameras turned away and the lights went out, and they found themselves standing on a suddenly empty stage. Doh! It is no fun to put on a show when no one is watching! The Snowflakes were disappointed and became very angry over their stolen spotlight. “Mizzou Campus Activists and Black Lives Matter Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight

By the following day, Breitbart reports that “left-wing activists described the slaughter in France as retribution for the Western colonialist, imperialist, racist, and white culture.”

Yeah, people died, but they were mostly white and so deserved it! May God forgive these young people, and wake them out of their stupor. We all know that they have been brainwashed, undoubtedly in large part by the very campuses they are now demonizing.

As we all know, ISIS terrorists launched a multi-location coordinated attack on Paris and the results are horrific and heartbreaking. One of the strangest aspects of the attack is that it seemed to take almost everyone by surprise. Everyone, it seems, was shocked that such a horrific thing could happen — that such evil people really exist and could come right into the West’s safe spaces and commit such terrible deeds. Didn’t President Obama, that very day, boast that, thanks to his efforts, ISIS “is contained,” implying that the group was no threat to the homeland and the civilized world. Of course, it must be mentioned that the President never thought that ISIS was any real threat anyway. When questioned about their rise to prominence, early on, when he was beating a hasty retreat out of Iraq, he scoffed that they were a “JV team,” not at all like the savage Al Qaeda big leaguers, who were, by the way according to him, on the run, thanks to his efforts.

Most of what we have been fed by our nation’s leaders concerning Islam and terrorism are mostly bunk, with a side of baloney. While it is true that probably a large majority of Muslims prefer to live in peace, there are also huge numbers of moderate Muslims that support the idea of terrorism, even if they personally do not engage in it. It is part of their religious belief. We can sympathize with and pray for people who are lost and do not even know it. But that doesn’t mean we should close our eyes to the truth of Islam. The most important fact that our President, along with other equally deluded or deceitful world leaders want to convey is that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups are not even Muslims at all! No, Islam is a “religion of peace.” Former President GW Bush likewise spent much time and effort to convince people of the peaceful nature of Islam, and of the wonderful contributions Muslims have made to the civilized world. We should ask ourselves — IF Islam were truly a “religion of peace,” would people have to keep reminding us? Truth usually corresponds to reality, after all. But no, we are supposed to believe that the terrorist acts we witness on a regular basis these days, with our own lyin’ eyes, are perpetrated by “folks” who are deluded into thinking they are Muslims. The terrorism itself can be attributed to well, whatever excuse leaps handily to mind. The left blames George W Bush, and Darth Vader Cheney, completely excising from their consciousness the terrorist attacks of the 1990s and before. With the Bush excuse getting a little long in the tooth, some leftists now blame global climate change for terrorism, including Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on the debate stage last Saturday night. You see, it’s very HOT in the Middle East, and heat is not conducive to peaceful coexistence. This is why Muslims are trying desperately to get to Sweden, Germany, and Great Britain, where it is cooler! It would be mean and politically incorrect to point out the utter ridiculousness of this idea, on so many levels, so we will not do that. Unfortunately for world leaders and campus snowflakes, REALITY is not always a safe space. Often REALITY is terribly unsafe – truth can be cruel and downright unpleasant to contemplate. And it can greatly offend those who wish to remain “safely” deceived.

Snowflakes should now cover their ears, because we must point out that the Western world’s battle with Islam extends much further back in time than the evil reign of Bush/Cheney. Bush wasn’t even born when it began!

President Obama claims that Islam is “woven into the fabric” of our country from its beginning, but does history bear that out? “What The Founders Thought About Islam, In Their Own Words

…the first real contribution any Muslim made was in 1856 (80 years after the founding) when then Secretary of War Jefferson Davis hired one Muslim to help train camels in Arizona. Not exactly a resounding contribution, since the plan to fight Native Americans via camelback was soon dismissed.

It must be admitted that Islam was involved in the founding of one of America’s great institutions, the U.S. Marine Corps. Islamic terrorists were doing to our fledgling nation what peaceful Islamists do. They were terrorizing the shipping industry, demanding payment for safe passage. No payment, no peace. President Thomas Jefferson, not understanding that the payment of tribute was a theological tenet of Islam and not a political issue, attempted to negotiate with the Islamic pirates. The attempt failed:

After agreeing to pay 10% of the new nation’s dismal GDP in exchange for passage, attacks continued. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were sent as representatives to mediate the problem. It was there that they discovered that the Islamic law the pirates followed made it their duty to attack non-Muslims.

“The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise,” Jefferson wrote to Secretary of State John Jay, explaining peace was not possible.1“What The Founders Thought About Islam, In Their Own Words,” Keith Farrell;

Islamic terror is not new and is deeply imbedded in the teachings of Mohammad and the Qur’an. It is “…their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners…” And so the Marine Corps was founded to be dispatched to shores of Tripoli to fight Islamists. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

REALITY is defined as: Actual being or existence, as opposed to an imaginary, idealized or false nature…something that has real existence and must be dealt with in real life.

But human beings often prefer to be told “sweet little lies,” as per the Fleetwood Mac song from the 1980s, than to be faced with hard cold reality. And there is certainly no shortage of political leaders and others who are willing to accommodate that desire for their own reasons.

Paul was not a man given to political correctness, and he rather offensively describes the leaders and liars of the last days in 2 Timothy 3:13:

“…while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

But truth is an extremely important commodity, even to the point of saving one’s life or eternity. Do we really benefit from sweet little lies told us by our physicians, our government officials, or even some religious leaders? No, sometimes we really need to know the real unvarnished and politically incorrect truth, especially in these perilous times.Ω

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