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Everyone on Facebook  seems to be doing this 30 days of thanks where, instead of regaling everyone with cat videos, game invites, or political memes, people provide at least 30 posts engaging in pure thanksgiving. Whoever started this deserves to hold up their Noble Peace Prize right next to the President {insert snark here}. Imagine thousands of people engaging in one of the most human things we were designed to do. I know, I know you can point out the irony that a lot of those people have no more clue about the person they are beholden to than if a Nigerian prince really did need to transfer money to my account and I wanted to thank him. But honestly any exercise of thanks has got to be better than yet another spurious quote from Abraham Lincoln or C.S. Lewis.

With that in mind The Crux and MCOI are long overdue to engage in some public thanksgiving of our own. I’ll be presumptuous enough to speak for all the people that make both The Crux and possible but I won’t be so presumptuous to do it in first-person plural. Therefore “I” am thankful for …

— the incredible privilege to engage in apologetic ministry. Defending the faith is a high calling often maligned but ever rewarded.

–the unbelievably brave people who stand ready to help those who have fallen under the spell of abusive religious groups. rescued brave souls, often formerly bewitched themselves,  wade knee deep into the pain, isolation, and fear to lift others and give them hope that there is life a outside the glow of the powerful.

–the trust and esteem of you dear reader who give some of your most precious commodity–your time–to attend to what we believe God has laid on our hearts to say. This blog is six years old this month. So that’s six years of thanks due to you dear reader.

–the noble and sacrificial support of MCOI’s volunteers. All over this country there are people who contribute their time, talent, and resources to make sure the journal gets published (Todd and Corky!) and the board of directors and advisers who steer the ministry. Pastor Keith Graham who faithfully provides the monthly Bible quiz. Jeff and Betty Jo Hauser who work so diligently with the hearing impaired.  We could spend pages naming others but just want to point out that it is these people who work hard to make sure MCOI is viable and useful and they do it all without a paycheck

– Diane Gholson, Branch Director in Spring Hill Florida. She had been a JW for 42 years and once she and her family came to the faith decided if she could work that hard for a false ptophet organization she would work at least that hard for the true Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. She has for over 30 years now and was one of the individuals that formed MCOI in the beginning. She has also helped start other ministries and just started another couple, Ken and Truday Erwin, with MCOI.

–Finally, I am thankful for the the donors. MCOI is officially just over 17 years old. That’s seventeen years worth of faith that God will provide and even though Don and Joy are tentmaking (as is just about everyone else at MCOI), the bills manage to get paid and it is not without the support and prayers of our donors. So here’s 17 years worth of thanksgiving for you.

God Bless you and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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