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Last week I have a response to the blog we had done in October of 2007, My Yoga is Easy: Hinduization of Christianity. The initial comment, (dated January 16, 2011) wondered why we, if we have Christ, we would be so afraid. I was able to respond *the following response) that fear had nothing to do with it but safety warnings are important. While this was transpiring I received the news that Rick Warren had started a new program, the Daniel Plan, with Swedenborgian Dr. Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen and others. According to Rick Warren Loses 8 Pounds in Saddleback’s Health Plan in the Christian Post, Dr. Amen claims to be a Christian. The Christian Post also incorrectly states that Dr. Oz is a Muslim. He may have been born to a Muslim family but it is clear that he has embraced and follows the late cult leader, Emanuel Swedenborg and according to his wife’s bio she is a Reiki Master. As it turns out, although Dr. Amen may be a Christian, I am not certain, he is also the poster boy for my 2007 blog, My Yoga is Easy: Hinduization of Christianity. Dr. Amen promotes the Buddhist practice of Tantric Sex with T.J. Bartel in Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Brain Science as well as other Tantric teachers. Dr. Amen also recommends a form of Hindu meditation Kirtan Kriya which can be observed online. Rick Warren and his “Daniel Plan” is a perfect example of what I was addressing three years ago in that post. Was or is my writing on this a demonstration that I lack Christ or am fearful? No, as I responded the query last week:

That is a good question and there is a twofold response. First, biblically we are commended by none other than Jesus Christ Himself to “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing…” (Matthew 7:15). There are other passages as well which teach us to expose false teachers and false teachings. Second, since spiritual teaching is equated to being spiritual food, what you are saying is to eat anything which comes in to your path. Being concerned about or even warning others about foods which are poisonous and deadly. To warn others or try to protect your children just shows fear. Would you really give your children toxic waste for dinner and tell them to expand their view of the world?

Rick Warren’s lack of biblical thinking, sound teaching and its resultant doctrinal famine explains why he can place weight loss above biblical teaching and aligning himself with false teachers. The Apostle Paul took quite a different view:

for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. (1 Timothy 4:8)

Physical health is important but pales in significance to sound teaching and godly living which impact this and the future life.

It isn’t that Hindus, Buddhists or others in various other religions are any more or less evil than Christians. It is that the worldview and belief systems they embrace lead one away from the one true God to an eternity without Him. I often hear the claim that most religions have similarities. The suggestion is made from this that they are simply different roads to the same ultimate destination. We addressed this idea at some length in Different Spokes for Different Folks. In truth, most of the world’s religions are similar. They are based on the word “do.” Each one must perfect themselves earn their way to whatever eternal promise the religion du jour advertises, and it is different for each one. The one worldview that is different is Christianity. It is summed up in one word, done! Jesus lived a life we could not live and died a death in our place which we deserved and by grace alone through faith alone in Him alone we are redeemed. We can do nothing nor add anything to our redemption.

Is that narrow minded? Certainly, but then truth is often that way. 1+1=2 is narrow, after all it isn’t 12, 15 or some other number, but is none-the-less true. It isn’t mean or intolerant, it is simply true. But then, it seems that Rick Warren has abandoned sound thinking in favor of other things long ago. His introducing his congregation and indeed the broader Evangelical church to someone who is involved with and promotes Hindu and Buddhist practice is a case in point. Some have tried to argue that there are many similarities between Jesus and Buddha. But the differences are more important. For example, Jesus claimed that He is the way, the truth and the light and that no man get to the Father except through Him. Buddha on the other hand said he didn’t know the way.

Swedenborg, whom Dr. Oz follows, denied the doctrine of the trinity and embrace mysticism and false teachings of a wide variety. Oz may be a great medical doctor and even a nice guy but it is profoundly anti-biblical for Warren to bring him in to teach Christians in areas of faith and since the “Daniel Plan” is supposedly a faith based approach to health. But then, I suppose I should be little surprised. Warren abandoned sound biblical thinking long ago as he gained in notoriety and financial prosperity. Perhaps he just needs to change the name of his church. Maybe, Saddle Back Religious Center and Diet Clinic.

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