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“What you are doing speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.”

Beside privacy issues in arguing for abortion, one of the reasons cited was child abuse. An unwanted child, it was argued, increased the instance of child abuse. So, by giving women “choice” that supposedly translated to “every child a wanted child.” That this policy hasn’t dimished child abuse but perhaps has permitted its increase is a discussion for another day. In Do Humans Have Rights That Can Be Violated? I demonstrated that in American law and legislation, humanness and personhood have traditionally been two different things. Human is a statement of biology not personhood. Someone could be biologically human but not legally a person. Since they are not legally a person they have no rights or protections under the law. The one who owns them as property have rights and can pretty much do what they want with their property. According to the Prolife Action League there has been 1.3 million abortions annually since 1973 and as of May 17, 2005 that brought the number to 46 million. This becomes important for two reasons. Economic and end of life questions. A majority of the aborted would have been wage earners and tax payers. By killing off these humans there are less persons available to support the aging cry-baby boomers. As the current administration embarked on “health care reform” one of the questions was how that would impact healthcare for the elderly. Assurances were given that the healthcare would be as good as or better at a lower cost than is currently being charged. Conservatives were firm this was untrue. Now that it has passed, unread by most in the House and Senate who voted for it, we see that conservatives were right, Medicare Reform Means Some Seniors Face Benefit Cuts.

As the legislation neared passing Sarah Palin raised the issue of what she called “death panels.” As a side note, end of life issues are difficult and the majority of money spent on care of the elderly will be spent in the last few weeks of their life. It is something that needs to the thought about and discussed within the family but is it something which should be legislated by the Federal Government? Of course the ruckus that was raised caused Barack Obama and others to verbally deny that this was their view. Other times of candor demonstrates his actual views. This happened, as Stephen Mosher points out Obama to Seniors: Take Two Aspirin and Call Me When You’re Dead. Eileen F. Toplansky in Death Panels and Mom had to revisit this issue

When the health care reform bill was still in its infancy, I read with dismay about the so-called death panels. I knew that Barack Obama was a vigorous proponent of late-stage abortions, which spoke to his detached view of life. Then I discovered that since there really were no “death panels” in the bill, Congress decided to eliminate the confusing language. Of course, if these panels were not in the bill in the first place, what was being deleted?

Therefore, that nagging feeling never quite went away. And so now I read Michael D. Tanner’s piece entitled “Death Panels Were an Overblown Claim — Until Now” and my earlier suspicions have been reinvigorated. Thus, we learn that Obama’s pick for director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services “is romantic about the [British] National Health Service,” where “every year, 50,000 surgeries are cancelled because patients become too sick on the waiting list to proceed.” Thus, rationing and death panels hover at the borders of this health care reform law. Just because the term is not used doesn’t mean the intent is not clear to anyone who can connect the dots.

Actions speak louder than words which means, what you are doing speaks so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.

From an Evangelical and, I think biblical perspective, humans are persons created in the image of God. They have intrinsic value even in their fallen state because they still have the Imago Dei (image of God). That does not mean they are saved or even in the family of God. Sin brought about a separation which can only be bridged by faith in Jesus Christ who paid for our sins and we are adopted by God and the sin separation is eliminated by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. But, State governments, the Federal Government and Supreme Court have been clear and consistent. Humanness and personhood are different things. One (humanness) is a biological statement which does not promise, secure or protect inherent rights while the other (personhood) does. I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet and I work for a non-profit organization so this is not a prophetic proclamation but an educated prediction. Those who have fought so strongly for abortion will most likely have their views and positions turned on them in coming years. Cry-baby Boomers will begin retiring very soon and, since they are the largest segment of the population will tax the system in ways we cannot imagine. The tool to the solution which will be turned to will be appealing to an already approved definition of person. Geography. Those living in nursing homes will be legally made non-persons whereas those living outside nursing homes will still be legally persons. That will make the emotional decisions of what to do with grandma a little easier. She is human but not legally a person and will be abandoned or abused in her old age. You know the line; every grandma should be a wanted grandma.

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