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Last week I noted the extent of the role of religion involved with Barack Obama’s presidency. Imagine my surprise when I read about Newsweek Magazine’s Evan Thomas on Obama: ‘He’s sort of God’:

I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Newsweek spends a fair amount of paper and ink debunking religion each year, particularly around Easter. But, they seem to have had a religious conversion to what we might call Obamaism. Thomas’ conversion to Obamaism actually makes sense in an irrational way. Confused? Well, in the world of Obama this new deity told the Notre Dame crowd when he spoke there that being prolife is an extremist position. As talk show host Rush Limbaugh pointed out, Obama is declaring that morality is immoral. Obamaism is irrational and as is true with all good false teachers, redefines the world and any morality they hold to in a new or opposite to what has traditionally been held to be true. For example, Obama says US cannot impose its values: BBC interview. He says this even as he imposes his values on Israel and forbids the building of homes which might irritate the Palestinians. He imposed his will on auto manufacturers even though they have valid plans to turn their companies around. Now we have Government Motors. The difference of course is that as god Barack’s will is all good and everyoen in opposition to that will is by definition in rebellion and evil.

He claims to be prochoice but when we examine his claims we again see the topsy turvey view of the world this new deity operates under. When he says “prochoice,” what does that mean? Simply that capital punishment for the innocent is perfectly fine if the mother-to-be chooses to exercise capital punishment on the nearly born or new born. However, she cannot have the right to choose other educational opportunities if she should bring the child to full term and protect it from infanticidal capital punishment.

In Obamaism, using water for up to 40 seconds to simulate drowning in order to gain information from a terrorist is “against our principles and traditions” but using a vacuum to dismember, one limb at a time, or burn with a saline solution or cut open the base of the skull and suck out the brains of an innocent who cannot attempt to escape, is perfectly acceptable. I have an idea. Since he considers these alternatives as civilized, why not use them on the terrorists. At least they are guilty and he could be using methods that he considers acceptable to use on the innocent. He may shrink from this but then, Obamaism thrives because it is unclear, ever changing and based on how one feels not on what is objectively true.
The double talk, double think and opposing views can be clearly seen in the piece by Rachel Maddow: Indefinite detention? Shame on you… President Obama. Here, the new deity decries the policies of former administrations as undermining the “rule of law” and announces his plan of “prolonged detention,” holding someone in prison without evidence and no intention of prosecuting them. In other words, abandoning the “rule of Law” as inconvenient to his purposes. In this you could be arrested and imprisoned for perhaps “up to 10 years” if Obama so chooses.

There are many things than could be pointed to in order to further establish the core beliefs in Obamaism. The shooting of a doctor that seemed to specialize sucking out children’s brains a few moments before they drew their first breath was immediately responded to but the death of someone in the U.S. military at the hands of a Muslim terrorist is all but ignored for days. Obama declared America is not a Christian nation and then this week informs the world that it is one of the largest Muslim nations. I have to say, I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle must have felt when he finally woke up. I am getting more concerned as we continue the march toward becoming the USSA (United Socialist States of America) where biblical Christianity will be outlawed as “extremist” to a greater degree than is a Muslim beheading journalist Daniel Pearl with a slightly dull knife. The church clearly has its work cut out for it with the reemergence of emperor worship.

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