Dayenu: It Would Have Been Enough

This week is our annual national celebration of Thanksgiving, and for some reason my thoughts turned to an ancient song (about a thousand years old) referred to as Dayenu. This Hebrew word’s approximate English translation is “It would have been enough.” Dayenu is traditionally sung or recited at both Orthodox and Messianic Passover celebrations. Although we as a people still celebrate Thanksgiving, it seems that in many ways we have lost the ability to be … Continue reading

Stuffed With Thanksgiving

As I write this, my children are laid out like cord wood in front of the TV watching what may well be one of the last bastion of Judeo-Christian public sentiment left: The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. I am thankful that ABC hasn’t bowed to what must be considerable pressure to cancel this sorry excuse for cultural appropriation of Native Americans. From Charlie Brown we learn that Squanto was taken as a slave by Englishmen. … Continue reading