Amazing Grace

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, the news services across the nation lit up with news of a multiple shooting – cold blooded murder in a South Carolina church, Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The pastor, Clementa C. Pinckney (who, as it happens is also a State Senator) and eight church members were killed were killed by 21 year old Dylann Roof. Roof is white, all his victims were black, and there seemed to be no … Continue reading

“Love? I’m not buying it.”

Those words were uttered by the character Frank Underwood in the Netflix original series “House of Cards” Just after saying those words, he spits in the face of the statue of Jesus. Just when I finally think I have to quell my strong desire for good story telling in favor of not subjecting my soul to House of Cards’ salacious innuendo and very adult situations, scenes like this show up. The first two seasons of … Continue reading

The Christmas Image

This week’s Crux posts the day most Christians celebrate the anniversary of the incarnation. As I thought about what to write it occurred to me to take the easy way out and either skip posting this week or repost The Gift, an article Joy wrote in 1996 for the Journal (we posted it in the Crux in 2012). There is of course, the typical wrangling as to the meaning of the day and the holiday. … Continue reading

The Gospel According to Les Mis

I used to avoid musicals. Didn’t get the point of interrupting good acting with singing. That was until I heard Les Miserables for the first time.  Les Mis is all singing and so by rights, I should dislike it as well. But what songs! When Valjean sings “Sweet Jesus what have I done/become a thief in the night/Become a dog on the run?” I begin to feel the stigma of living under the French parole … Continue reading