The Worst Sermon

Needless to say, I was away from home on a Sunday. We decided to go to a friend’s church we had attended before. I won’t name the church and details have been altered to stave off embarrassment. But I bet you can guess the denomination. The first thing I noticed how the congregation had dwindled. Where once there were a hundred seats, now the chairs had disappeared from the back. I walked across a sea … Continue reading

The Hysterical Search for the Historical Jesus

(This originally appeared in the November/December 1998 edition of the MCOI Journal) We live in an increasingly postmodern age. Our leading universities are the setting for a revolutionary change in the manner in which we view past events. The history of the ancient world and even the history of our own century are being rewritten, “deconstructed,” interpreted in new ways. For example, columnist George Will writes, “Without an intellectual anchor, cultural institutions are carried along … Continue reading

Millennials, Moms, and Ministry

(Originally printed in the Fall 2011 Issue of the MCOI Journal) For many years, the current youth generation—“Generation ‘Y’ ” or the “Millennials”—has been the focus of numerous books, articles, and studies. From a Christian perspective, much of the analysis has been developed to equip ministry leaders with the tools they need to reach into their lives and connect with them at a level relevant to this age group. But some of the analysis has been … Continue reading

Embracing Other Religions

(Originally printed in the Spring 2012 Issue of the MCOI Journal) Postmodernism and the Emergent Church were brought to my attention in increments. John MacArthur’s book, The Truth War, was one of the first sources to bring the movement to my knowledge. Postmodernism is the latest revolt inside the church. It is a rebellion from within. It’s the coup d’état against the authority of the Bible that will usher in the Anti-Christ as he “emerges” … Continue reading