Who Raised Jesus From the Dead?

(Originally printed in the Fall 2006 Issue of the MCOI Journal page 5) Compiled by Corkey McGehee (All Scripture quotations are from the WTBTS New World Translation of the Bible.) When, though, he was raised up from the dead, his dis­ciples called to mind that he used to say this, and they believed the Scripture and the saying that Jesus said. (John 2:22) God raised Jesus: Acts 2:32 This Jesus God resurrected, of which fact … Continue reading

The Feeding of the 5,000 Migrants

Earlier this week someone posted a meme of a church marquee with the message, “A Caravan of 5000 Migrants Confronted Jesus. So, He Fed Them.” This reminds us of the assertion made by many that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were “homeless.” No, they were never homeless. They had to leave their home and travel to Bethlehem due to a government decree by Caesar Augustus that required everyone to be registered in their home town. They … Continue reading

“Jesus is Muslim!!!”

As I was working on the blog and E-Letter this week one of our ministry supporters forwarded an email to me. It was written by a former Muslim, Hicham Chehab, who is now a believer and a missionary to Muslims with POBLO-Chicago (People of the Book Lutheran Outreach/POBLO-Chicago). Hicham and I have had some email and telephone discussions and he has a very powerful testimony which we are considering printing in the summer issue of … Continue reading