Missionaries to America – Deux

(Originally printed in the Spring 2011 Issue of the MCOI Journal) This is a paper that tries to identify the unity between the Old Testament and the New Testament regard¬ing God’s desire to reveal Himself to ALL people, i.e. evangelism. We recognize the Great Commission in the New Testament to reveal God to all people. Often, however, we think that this call was not part of Israel’s purpose in the Old Testament. This is not … Continue reading

The Mormons and God: Who is Jesus?

By Dave Moore (This originally appeared in the September/October 1997 MCOI Journal) The Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon) emphasizes that they place the person of Jesus Christ first in importance, as their church name indicates. Recently, the LDS church updated their logo, enlarging the name Jesus Christ. LDS members are eager to testify they believe in Jesus, believe Jesus died for their sins, and believe Jesus saved them by grace. On … Continue reading

Sacrificial Love

(This originally appreared in the March/April 1997 MCOI Journal) I was raised in a Christian home but, in my teens and early twenties, I became very skeptical of Christian claims, the good book, and especially of God Himself. Looking back, I cannot say I really doubted the existence of God, although I think I made that claim. No, as I reflect on it, I did believe that He was there, but I did not like … Continue reading

From Worshipping Idols to Worshipping the One True God

By Ravi Narasimham (Originally printed in the November/December 1996 Issue of the MCOI Journal) I was born into a Brahman family 27 years ago, one the most orthodox castes of Hinduism in India. I was raised by parents and grandparents who adhered to high moral standards. As the first grandson born to my loving grandparents, and had the privilege of visiting several sacred Hindu places and participating in rituals with them. My grandparents followed a … Continue reading

Objections Overruled!

(Part 2 of a 2 part series on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, originally printed in the November/December 1995 MCOI Journal) In our last issue of the Journal, we talked about the resurrection. We noted that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very basis of the Christian faith. . . no resurrection no Christianity. Any religious figure in history could be said to have been “resurrected” in some spiritual sense; only Christianity has the … Continue reading

A Day in Court

(Part 1 of a 2 part series on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, originally printed in the September/October 1995 MCOI Journal) With the interminable OJ circus and the swift but emotional Susan Smith trial, 1995 will be a year to remember for public courtroom drama. Not since Perry Mason retired have we had so much interest in whodunit and why they did it. Folks I have talked to are divided about how they feel about … Continue reading