Is Your Faith in Vain?

We just finished celebrating the event which is the highlight of the Christian calendar and indeed central to the Christian faith. The resurrection has special implications in several areas. Where the sacrifice on the cross paid for our sin and gave us peace with God, the resurrection conquered death and guaranteed that the redeemed would likewise be resurrected and see God face to face! Without the resurrection of Christ and his people, the Christian faith … Continue reading

Independence Day

(This originally appeared in the July/August 1997 MCOI Journal) The aliens are coming! The earth and its inhabitants are about to be destroyed, “spaded under.” Is this the script of a Hollywood science–fiction movie? No, these are the real–life and beliefs the cost Marshall Applewhite and his followers are lives. In the aftermath of Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in California this past spring, we were interviewed by television, radio and newspaper reporters as the mainstream … Continue reading