Bad Heir Day

(Originally printed in the May/June 1996 Issue of the MCOI Journal) In the our last issue , we made the case that salvation is a free gift, not of works. We discussed the cultic view that “faith plus works = salvation.” Under cultic belief systems, faith in Christ is not enough to gain eternal life; faith is just the starting point, and only gives you the opportunity to save yourself through a system of prescribed … Continue reading

Fear No Evil

(Originally printed in the July/August 1995 MCOI Journal) Fear not! How many times can that phrase he found in the pages of Scripture? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s somewhere between bunches and alot. That is why you and as Christians, do not fear anything, right? Right. Craig, one of the members of our support group, told of an experience lie had recently when he met with two JW elders. He said … Continue reading