We Need a Little Christmas

For I’ve grown a little leaner, Grown a little colder, Grown a little sadder, Grown a little older, And I need a little angel, Sitting on my shoulder, Need a little Christmas now (“We Need a Little Christmas 1) Here we are in the final days before celebration of the incarnation. Our outside Christmas lights have been on each night at sundown since Thanksgiving evening. Just about every room inside the house has been dressed … Continue reading

The Fad Driven Christian Life

From purpose driven lives to unscheduled visits to heaven, Christians and churches too often seem to be racing from fad to fad. Someone sent me a link to the above video last week with the question, “Is it really this bad?” My response? It may be worse. These days, with propaganda on the newest “Christian” fads readily available on “Christian television” and the internet, faithful pastors and church leaders who want to keep their flocks … Continue reading

The Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy

(Originally printed in the Fall 2010 Issue of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 12) By Ron Rhodes Harvest House, Eugene Oregon, ©2010, 340 pages, $14.99 Review by G. Richard Fisher Ron Rhodes is incredibly prolific and his book, The Popu­lar Dictionary of Bible Prophecy, is a fantastic resource book. Where else can I get over 350 terms and concepts regarding Bi­ble prophecy defined and explained? Would it take a year attend­ing seminary? Not really. … Continue reading