About Aaron Wright

Aaron is a passionate believer in Jesus Christ. He serves at Horizon Christian Fellowship of Golden as an associate pastor and as an intern with Bill Honsberger at Haven Ministries. His desire is to know the Lord, serve His people, and reach those who have no hope or know the truth. He graduated with honors in 2011 earning a dual bachelor of arts degree in theology and psychology. While in college Aaron's faith was severely tested by the disbelief of orthodox Christianity which ravaged the Christian schools he attended. God is faithful and met him by strengthening his faith and giving him a passion to reach those who have either not known or forsaken the Gospel. Aaron strives to know sound doctrine and meet those outside the faith with love and truth. The driving conviction God met him with in college deserves full quotation here, "The prophets (teachers) prophesy falsely, the priest (leaders) lead by their own power, and My people love to have it so, but what will you do in the end?" (Jeremiah 5:31). Lord though none go with us still we will follow (Jesus Paid It All).

Was Jesus a Guru, a Lama, or Lord? Part 5

Does God exist? This is one of the most fundamental questions to a worldview. Either He does or He doesn’t. Logic dictates that both cannot be right. This is the final discrepancy we shall look at between the Buddha and Jesus. We have seen thus far the claims made by Mr. James Hanson that Jesus was a Buddhist do not carry weight. The Gospels have shown Jesus grew up in Nazareth. A cursory discussion of … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Guru, a Lama, or Lord? Part 4

Doctrine matters. Many times doctrine is looked down upon these days. Teaching and rational thought are traded in for feeling, fuzzy interpretations, and noncommittal statements. But doctrine matters. It divides the wheat from the chaff and sets boundaries between worldviews. Many throw away the doctrine of the Gospels for a newer, softer Jesus. People want the Buddhist Jesus, who speaks in koans and mystically contemplates the unknown while letting all paths lead to God. This … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Guru, a Lama, or Lord? Part 3

Jesus was a Buddhist, at this claim the left and Gnostics alike cheer. The thought that this carpenter from Nazareth was no one of authority. No, He is the meek mild Buddhist giving a gnostic message which plays nice all the other religions. There is one small issue – it’s a lie. This portrait they paint is not real. James Hanson may have concluded that the Jesus of history was really a Buddhist by reading into … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Guru, a Lama, or Lord? Part 2

Many have claimed the real story of Jesus is different from the records of the New Testament. As early as the second century different cults were claiming to have found new information. All claimed the lost years of Jesus’ childhood as their basis. In Part 1 of this series we discussed the new form this has taken in recent years where Jesus is claimed to have travelled to India to become a Buddhist. The article … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Guru, a Lama, or Lord? Part 1

We survived another Christmas. It is fascinating that as that season rolls around there is usually a great push to be politically correct. “Merry Christmas” is replaced with “happy holidays”. Mangers are replaced with the new and improved reindeer sleigh display. Everywhere people don’t want to be offensive. It is usually in this atmosphere we will get some program or newspaper article that tells us what “really” happened at Jesus’ birth. On Christmas CNN ran … Continue reading

Hopelessness Undone

The psalmist said: “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:5). It is clear that troubles can consume our lives and the lives of others. Grief overwhelms, and brings us to a point where we do not want to go any further. We may even cry out against God in despair. … Continue reading