The Road to Pedophilia

Over 20 years ago when Joy and I taught on homosexuality we suggested that in our opinion pedophiles would follow the road map which homosexual activists were developing as the path to “normalizing” and main streaming homosexual behavior. In the early 1990s at one of the MCOI conferences we did a panel Q&A. One of the questions raised was where did we see culture heading? Joy submitted that we but look back 20-25 years and note homosexuality wasn’t mentioned in polite society but was becoming normalized in the 1990s. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t homosexuals and there were even some very famous ones like entertainer, Liberace. Sexual activity of any kind simply hadn’t been the stuff of polite conversation in the past. She suggested that if we look ahead 20 – 25 years it is most likely that pedophilia will be on its way to being commonly accepted as well. The road is a simple one. Start with the psychiatric community, get pedophilia changed from being a psychological illness to an alternate sexual preference and remove basis for criminal prosecution.

The homosexual activists were able to do this in the 1973 edition of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). They did good P.R. work in the following years to change the public face of homosexuality and direct culture’s attention from what they were doing to a more emotionally appealing picture and get the general public to empathize and sympathize. We can see how well this has worked in a response someone just posted to our blog No Retreat but Much Surrender: Changing Christian Engagement on Homosexuality:

My gay friends practice working at various careers, keeping their yards looking nice, taking their cars for oil changes, taking their kids to Scouts and Optimist soccer, hosting Bible studies- you get the idea.

The basic argument is homosexuals are generally nice, responsible people like anyone else at your workplace or on your block. They really only differ in how they have sexual relations. They are born that way is an oft heard claim. Anything other than same gender sexual relations would be going against their natural desires it is unreasonable to expect them to not be completely sexually fulfilled. We might call this the empathy and sympathy defense. It can be a fairly effective salvo in an emotionally charged argument.

In the 2003 Lawrence v Texas case, sodomy was decriminalized. Over that period of time lobbyists worked within the political arena for legislation which would legally normalize homosexuality. Hiring practices changed. Businesses whose owners hold religious convictions in opposition to homosexual behavior could be sued for not affirming behavior they belief is wrong. More television shows included homosexual characters and the pressure to change the definition of marriage to include same gender relationships is mounting and will likely be changed by the Federal Government in the next few years against the will of the states. “But” some would cry out in exasperation, “what does that have to do with pedophilia?” Well, pretty much everything.

Following the well marked road of homosexual activists, in the 1990s pedophilia activists began working on changing the DSM from diagnosing sex with children as an illness to simply being another sexual preference. In the late 1990s nn article came out in the American Psychiatric Association’s Journal of Psychology which proposed the idea that child molestation may not actually be bad. The article proposed that it would only be bad if the child felt bad and conjectured the only real reason a child would feel bad is because society labels the behavior as bad. We should begin using more affirming terms like, adult-child sex and get away from language like pedophilia and molestation. The article raised quite a furor as we, radio host Laura Schlessinger and others made the article more widely known. The magazine began a quick back paddle but the process had indeed begun.

Other things have been in the works by activists but last August a fairly high profile conference to normalize pedophilia was held in Baltimore. The purpose should sound familiar:

If a small group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have their way at a conference this week, pedophiles themselves could play a role in removing pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association’s bible of mental illnesses — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), set to undergo a significant revision by 2013. Critics warn that their success could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.

A reason they give for the need to change the definition and even “its description of ‘minor-attracted persons’ as ‘inaccurate’ and ‘misleading’ because the current DSM links pedophilia with criminality.” Change the definition, use different terminology and the act can become more socially acceptable. MCOI is not alone in our view of what is going on:

Child advocate Dr. Judith Reisman, a visiting professor at Liberty University’s School of Law, said the conference is part of a strategy to condition people into accepting pedophiles.

“The first thing they do is to get the public to divest from thinking of what the offender does criminally, to thinking of the offender’s emotional state, to think of him as thinking of his emotional state, [and] to empathize and sympathize,” Reisman said. “You don’t change the nation in one fell swoop; you have to change it by conditioning. The aim is to get them [pedophiles] out of prison.”

Some groups are working to eliminate or substantially lower the “age of consent.” Here the activists can tie abortion to their cause. Sounds odd perhaps but if we think about it, a female child is considered mature enough to choose abortion without parental consent in at least states. If children are mature enough to make life and death decision regarding their offspring why aren’t they mature enough to choose who they want to have sex with regardless of age?

As this works its way down the road one day we will be told:

My minor-attracted friends practice working at various careers, keeping their yards looking nice, taking their cars for oil changes, taking their kids and neighbors kids to Scouts and Optimist soccer, camping trips, hosting Bible studies- you get the idea.

And of course, the claim will be that God made them that way. That does have an emotional appeal but doesn’t necessarily follow. We live in a fallen world and our desires are at the very least corrupt. Satisfying our sexual desires outside of His design of marriage between a male and female is not only not God’s first priority, He calls it sin. Some may even go so far as to point out that Jesus didn’t say anything about adults having sex with children.

This claim gives the illusion that since Jesus didn’t specifically speak to this issue, that He wasn’t opposed to it. Like homosexuality, pedophilia (and group sex as well) were all practiced in the first century Greco-Roman culture but was not practiced within the Jewish culture. Jesus was a Jewish Messiah, speaking to a Jewish culture about Jewish things. He did address the issue of marriage head on though in Matthew 19:3-5 (also Mark 10:3-8). He said:

Some Pharisees came to Jesus, testing Him and asking, “ Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason at all?” And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘ For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?

All of the basic elements of marriage are outlined and affirmed by Jesus. And is what we would consider to be a “a biblically traditional marriage.” Male, female, man (male) leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife (female). Sexual relations outside of these parameters is by definition, sin.

None of the changes in sexual mores are really surprising if you think about it. I have said many times in the past that we are at book ends in time. The church was born in a culture which idolized sex. Marriage was between a man and a woman even in the Greco-Roman world but sex was largely recreational. Martial sex, homo-sexual sex, group sex (orgies), sex with animals, sex as a form of worship (the temple of Diana with the temple prostitutes) and men with means had a Catamite, a young man 12 or so years old, for the purposes of sexual gratification. All of these things changed as Christians influenced culture. They did so one person at a time as well as persuading those who shaped cultural thinking, the educators, political leaders, etc.

One of the points that both Jonathan and I have been trying to make is that working primarily through legislation may preserve our cultural comfort level a while longer but may not be the best way to shape and influence society. We may be better served to work at legislation which preserves and protects our ability to believe, teach and debate biblical truth without fear of imprisonment. Changing cultural thinking will best be done by challenging educators, politicians, news media, the film industry, etc. The church would be, as it was intended to be, a training ground preparing believers to be missionaries in their work places, neighborhoods and places of social networking. If the church continues its attempt to be more like culture in some vain attempt to gather more nickels and noses, pedophiles will likely be the next protected “sexual preferenced” minority. Will you be forced to not discriminate against them as child care workers and Sunday School teachers?


The Road to Pedophilia — 8 Comments

  1. Frightening, but probably the way things are headed, unfortunately. The article mirrors thoughts and observations I have had myself. I think I will share this via Facebook if that’s all right.

  2. Jesus does mention sexually offending children. Matt 18: 6. I had a pastor out of Colorado explain that this word offend is actually referring to a sexual offense of a child. This verse is quote: But whosoever shall offend (sexually violate) one of these little ones who believe in me it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    I use to believe that, it was in reguards to causing a child to simply not believe in Jesus….it kinda did not make sense in using that generality, until he explained that the death penalty followed the word offense….it was very clear how Christ feels about sex with children.

    Children prior to understanding sin, easily believe in Jesus and come to him willingly without reservation, sexual offense traumatizes them and messes up the child/adult relationship that is suppose to protect their innocense. Children do not think about sex at young ages they are innocent in reguards to this temptation…..children if not exposed to sexaul pictures…movies ect. would not even think of such vile encounters, it is clearly society that has seduced and violated children thru movies, games, and wicked desires to use them for their own sexual deviant behavior. Homo’s preproduce thru molestation.

    A child then clearly becomes confused on what LOVE IS and WHO to LOVE, their own moral compass becomes increasingly off kilter, also fighting guilt that continues to mount in ones soul seriously destroying it.

    • I did some checking before responding. The word “offend” is a general Greek word “skandalizo,” scandalize in English. It means any kind of stumbling block. Also to put a stumbling block in the way or to cause to stumble. If one worked hard they could read into it sexual abuse but I am not sure that it would convince a skeptic. The word does not mean specifically sexual abuse but if stretched may make it by extension. It would include any type of offense or stumbling block. If Jesus had reference to sexual abuse probably a bit more direct word (and the NT’s use of immorality) would be the (umbrella) Greek word “pornos” or porneia (where we get out word pornography) which is all and any form of immorality. It is often translated fornication but includes a lot more. Any sexual activity with anyone in any way except one’s spouse is forbidden all over the Bible.

  3. Gays are not shy about yelling out loudly how much christians “hate them” calling them hatemongers, bigots and prejudcial “where is the love of Jesus you hypocrites claim so much…why do you hate us, your God says he loves us….blah blah blah…….”

    YET gays are the FIRST to vehemently condemn those who want sex with children calling it wrong, sinful, weird, unholy, and other descriptives once used to describe their lifestyle as seen by christians,. Gays claim it is wrong because a child is too young to choose.

    But both gays and child/animal sex lovers claim they were born that way and cannot help who they love. I am adding those who want sex with animals as they are seeing how successful gays were in getting their rights and are trying to come out of their closets and be accepted as just another life style choice.

    So you would think the gays, being rejected, ridiculed and having to fight hard to get their “rights” would welcome those who have unusual sex choices. Not!!!!!!!! So who is the hypocrite here?

  4. My father was a pedophile. He committed suicide in jail, charged with rape, sodomy, taking indecent liberties with two children. My niece is my sister.

    I, too, am a pedophile. I am sexually attracted to children. I was born that way. I inherited it from my father. Does that make it okay for me to ‘fool around’ with children ? Absolutely not !

    Pedophilia is one aspect of this thing I have that christians call my ‘sin nature’. Everyone of us is born with this ‘sin nature’. That means that it is natural for us to sin. We all have inherited this sin nature from Adam, who sinned. But Adam was not created by God a sinner, and God did not intend that we should be sinners, either.

    That is why God came to Earth as a man, and died on the cross – to bear the penalty of my sin, and restore me to what God intended me to be. I may have been born a pedophile, but my faith in who Jesus is and what He did allows me to overcome my sinful nature, and be the person God intends me to be – and that does NOT include being a pedophile.

  5. (Please, add this to my previous post, to make it fully on topic, and complete.)

    As christians, we need to communicate to the public that being born a sinner is no excuse for practicing sin. People need to know that there is a way to escape from their sins.

  6. The victorious church is the place where people not only escape from their sins, but also from their sin. We really need a revival or reformation or restoration to be the influence in our culture that we are intended to be. I would like to express, in a kind way, that I know some of what the above writer expresses. My father is/was a pedophile and molested me from 13 until 21 when I got my own apartment. The lord has healed and changed me over years of time. I had a sexual addiction, but with sanctification have become free of that bondage. I feel that if I had been taught and counseled more, my healing and freedom would have come sooner. I know what it is to be abused and I also know a savior who died to make me free.

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