Flipper vs the Road Warriors

We nearly always deal with issues of the church, false religious movements or cultural issues on The Crux. Many of you know that Joy and I have begun over-the-road truck driving as our tent making and to help make up for the short fall in ministry finances. While we have been in training Joy has been sending updates to family so they know what we are doing and does so with her tongue-in-cheek style. I thought you may like to get an inside peek into the life of over—the-road missionaries to cults and New Religious Movement. And so, without further adieu:

Hi all,

We are currently in Fort Wayne Indiana, hoping to be sent south. :) It is expected to be very cold tonight, so if we are not rolling, we will probably spend the night in a motel.

FYI – there are regular semi trucks and then there are the scary macho trucks that look eerily like Grizzly bears – trucks with heavy squarish grills and huge snouts. And then there is our Covenant truck – a big white truck with a narrow rounded front resembling a bottle nose dolphin. It is pretty much a girly truck, really. :) This seems to bother some of the men when I point this out to them. I think perhaps they are suffering from “Grizzly envy.”

Men can be so competitive. The other night as I was driving, there were two trucks behind me fighting it out to make the top of the hill. Back and forth, back and forth, going as fast as they can. Isn’t that dumb? I mean, what does it matter who gets to the top first anyway. This is not the Olympics! Men! They went back and forth for quite some time before one pulled away decisively. Then the supposed winner comes up and thinks he is going to take ME on. Just because he has this macho grizzly truck and beat out a Swifty, he thinks he is going to beat me???? I don’t think so! NO WAY! So I grab a gear and put the pedal to the metal. Still he comes on, thinking he is intimidating me in my dorky looking Flipper truck. He has got another thing coming! When he got up to my rear, I could have flipped him right off the hill with my little dolphin tail….but of course that never even occurred to me, being the lovely Christian woman that I am… Finally we reached the top of the hill and I was still in the lead by a dolphin snout. YESSSSSS! Now the road dips down and the weight of my load kicks in and off I go, leaving that loser in the dust. Aren’t men silly?

Love you all, Joyful

And so, until next week…


Flipper vs the Road Warriors — 3 Comments

  1. J and D, I will never be able to look at the Covenant trucks again without thinking about you and your dolphin reference;) Totally applicable. I worked for the ODOT(Ohio)roadcrew as a flagger on state routes the summer before college. We had our favorite trucking companies and our least favorite too! I still remember the joy of being handed an ice cold soda from a nice trucker on a blazing hot day when we were flagging on fresh laid asphalt. Will be praying for you guys as you travel.

  2. This is so obvious that Joy must have done it on purpose. After pointing out that men are so competitive, she points out about herself, “Then the supposed winner comes up and thinks he is going to take ME on. Just because he has this macho grizzly truck and beat out a Swifty, he thinks he is going to beat me???? I don’t think so! NO WAY!”

    Hey Don & Joy, I hope all is well with you.

    God bless you.


  3. Regarding section under Rick Warren I had no idea about Martin Luther King’s theology/ideology. Hmm does this get around to other discernment ministries like Bible Answerman etc? Have any of the other ‘big name’ black evangelicals commented on this?

    (Sorry if off topic but didn’t see where to place my comment.)

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