Grace in the Face of Mockery

Once when discussing the Black Mass at Harvard a friend of mine asked me if there was any sort of degradation of Christianity as a religion that I would think was so bad as to warrant the state prohibiting that action by law or punishing the offender. I said “No.” This surprised him. I suppose you could say my beliefs on this on polar opposite of the perpetrators of the massacre at the French satirical … Continue reading

Weapons of Mass Marketing

How is it that ISIS seems to be so effective at recruiting young people to join their cause? We are hearing more and more of youth who leave or plan to leave their homes and families in the United States and travel to join ISIS in the holy war. One of the more recent cases to make the news is 19 year old Mohammed Hamzah Khan from Bolingbrook, IL who, according to the CNN report … Continue reading

What Do You Want? Dead Cops!

The greatness and the glory of God are relevant. It does not matter if surveys turn up a list of perceived needs that does not include the supreme greatness of the sovereign God of grace. That is the deepest need. Our People are starving for God. (John Piper, The Supremacy of God in Preaching pg. 10-11) It is difficult to turn on the news lately and not have a story on the conflict between police … Continue reading

What a baby!

Now be honest how many of you remember this little guy? Need a hint? How about this one: Its baby new year from the 1976 animated special, “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” My children saw this for the first time this year. The kid with the enormous ears is baby new year. Rudolph and a whole cast of misfits (but not misfit toys, that’s the previous 1964 special “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” –common mistake) … Continue reading

The Christmas Image

This week’s Crux posts the day most Christians celebrate the anniversary of the incarnation. As I thought about what to write it occurred to me to take the easy way out and either skip posting this week or repost The Gift, an article Joy wrote in 1996 for the Journal (we posted it in the Crux in 2012). There is of course, the typical wrangling as to the meaning of the day and the holiday. … Continue reading