As The Church Churns

Most people are unaware that the Trucking industry is in crisis. There are just not enough people willing to become new drivers, and the older truckers are retiring, leaving the companies desperate for new people willing to drive their trucks. At a truck stop a while ago I picked up a copy of The Trucker. It is a fairly well done little newspaper directed at, as you might guess, those in the trucking industry. The … Continue reading

Is ISIS on the Way?

I awoke Sunday morning and as is my habit, watched the news while I ate my breakfast. I am not sure why I do that. It seems like I merely punish myself with learning the newest tales of woe from Washington and around the country. The first news story grabbed my attention. ”2 Hattiesburg officers killed; 4 suspects in custody”. This seems to be a near weekly event these days. How did we get here? … Continue reading

No Delicious Waffle Fries for You Johns Hopkins (Part 2)

Last blog I wrote about Johns Hopkins student government association’s resolution to bar Chick-Fil-A from ever opening on JHU campus. There were seven reasons the JHU student government cited for their resolution. A few annoyed me but two of them annoyed and frightened me. JHU’s student government association has set forth a resolution that says if Chick-Fil-A ever thought about bringing its tasty waffle fries anywhere near the baby feelings of the special snowflakes that … Continue reading

No Delicious Waffle Fries for You Johns Hopkins Pt. 1

I hate it when I’m right. Just a few blogs ago, I wrote : What scares me is that this is the death of rational inquiry and by extension the death of public discourse. Can we imagine a generation who react to our even attempting to share the Christian worldview not with anger or indifference but with the protestations of the injured. And if our Christian ideas are injurious, then it’s only a short leap … Continue reading

Not the 144,000 but maybe the 110?

When we think of missionaries, we tend to think in terms of PLACE. Missionaries go places, like foreign lands, don’t they? We call them “mission fields”. They exist in exotic faraway places like Zaire, Ghana, Bolivia and many other “mission fields.” But still, they all revolve around PLACE — a country or, maybe, a continent. “He’s a missionary to Africa,” we might say, or “She has been called to Botswana.” These were the opening words … Continue reading