Bill Gothard’s Evangelical Talmud, Part – 4: BILL GOTHARD’S Mystical Approach To Medical Issues

By Marty Butz Suffering, including medical and health hardships, affects Christians and non-Christians alike. Not only are physical infirmities tough to deal with, but mental anguish can be at least as disturbing when the question “Why me, Lord?” goes unanswered. Like Job, we may never come to know the reason or purpose for any specific event causing our own medical hardships, if indeed there is a special reason at all as in Job’s case. The … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time… Plus Chance!

(This originally appeared in the September/October 1998 edition of the MCOI Journal) Remember the story about the frog who was turned into a handsome prince by the kiss of a (seemingly fairly desperate) princess? Alas, my good friends, it was only a fairy tale. Frogs, no matter how ardently kissed, do not become princes in real life. Add wishful thinking to the mix if you like, but it’s still not gonna happen. Put a crown … Continue reading

The Last Holdouts?

In the past I have written about the moral divide between Christians and Secular worldviews. This divide can be explained in terms of worldview or culture, but I like philosopher and Christian H. Tristam Englehardt uses: moral strangeness. Here’s how he defines moral strangeness: Moral strangers are persons who do not share sufficient moral premises or rules of evidence and inference to resolve moral controversies by sound rational argument, or who do not have a … Continue reading

The Hysterical Search for the Historical Jesus

(This originally appeared in the November/December 1998 edition of the MCOI Journal) We live in an increasingly postmodern age. Our leading universities are the setting for a revolutionary change in the manner in which we view past events. The history of the ancient world and even the history of our own century are being rewritten, “deconstructed,” interpreted in new ways. For example, columnist George Will writes, “Without an intellectual anchor, cultural institutions are carried along … Continue reading

The Mormon View of Salvation

by Dave Johnson (This originally appeared in the July/August 1998 edition of the MCOI Journal beginning on page 10) There has been much public discussion in recent months, both inside and outside of Bible-believing churches, as to whether The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as Mormons) should be considered part of the Christian community. Is it just another Christian denomination? The vigorous and highly visible public relations campaign being presented by … Continue reading