Not the 144,000 but maybe the 110?

When we think of missionaries, we tend to think in terms of PLACE. Missionaries go places, like foreign lands, don’t they? We call them “mission fields”. They exist in exotic faraway places like Zaire, Ghana, Bolivia and many other “mission fields.” But still, they all revolve around PLACE — a country or, maybe, a continent. “He’s a missionary to Africa,” we might say, or “She has been called to Botswana.” These were the opening words … Continue reading

White Knuckling It

Ask any addict what “white knuckling it” means and I’ll bet they can tell you. White knuckling is relying on one’s will power to resist temptation. Faced with the first stages of temptation, a member of the white knuckle society will tell himself: “I can resist this. I can do this. I don’t have to indulge.” Yeah right. If you could do that you wouldn’t be an addict. In some ways, white knuckling is the … Continue reading

Moral Clarity and the Good Wife

The characters on CBS’s ”The Good Wife are often, to be kind, morally challenged. The characters are lawyers, so the fact that they are portrayed as liars who will do or say anything to win their case, may reflect what CBS thinks of lawyers in general, but of course that does not make it morally right. Likewise, in their personal lives, they live completely according to their own whims, sexual and otherwise, with no regard … Continue reading

The Resurrection Probability

The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus will take place for many this Sunday. For most people these days, it is more-or-less a cultural event. I don’t necessarily mean they deny that the resurrection happened, but that they believe it based on their family and church affiliations, rather than as a result of their own serious consideration of the issue. Sometimes those who do contemplate and ask the hard questions are simply told to accept

Safe Words

There are some things that really scare me: driving in Chicago or Atlanta, snakes, and prostate cancer. But you know what really chills my bones? College students. I should amend that. I teach college students all day, everyday. Most are bright and respectful. A precious few are bright, respectful and industrious. No, what scares me are bright, industrious, Ivy league student activists. They send chills down my spine. The main reason for this is that … Continue reading