What’s in a Name?

I have spent a fair amount of time over the past view days responding by phone and email to Jehovah’s Witnesses or those studying with JWs. In nearly every case the questioner would at some point insist that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is God’s organization because they are the only ones that put the designation “Jehovah” in their Bible. Most of the time they are surprised to learn that even the Watchtower acknowledges … Continue reading

Obama, ISIS, Christianity, Comment and Question

Conservatives and Evangelicals nearly lost their minds when, on February 5 at the National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama drew a moral equivalency between the ISIS beheadings and burnings of those ISIS captures with the Crusades, Inquisition, Jim Crow laws, etc. Hmmm. On the same day we had a response to our blog Is ISIS Islamic? which opined: Is your site always full of mindless drivel or just on days that end in “y”? The problem … Continue reading

Something Ugly

I love video games where I get to play the hero who smashes the bad guy. I suppose that’s why I like comic books as well, even though telling the good guys from the bad guys in comics has become much more difficult these days. I love playing the avenging angel bringing justice to universe of my Xbox 360. I think I like play acting the conquering hero because, growing up, I was so not … Continue reading

Is ISIS Islamic?

Not long ago Barack Obama proclaimed, “ISIL is not Islamic.” Certainly he has a right to express his opinion, no matter how uninformed or perhaps emotionally informed he may be but that doesn’t make his declaration correct or accurate. I have always been intrigued by those who want to define faith claims by something other than the historical teachings on the essentials of the faith by its adherents as well as the definitions provided in … Continue reading

Grace in the Face of Mockery

Once when discussing the Black Mass at Harvard a friend of mine asked me if there was any sort of degradation of Christianity as a religion that I would think was so bad as to warrant the state prohibiting that action by law or punishing the offender. I said “No.” This surprised him. I suppose you could say my beliefs on this on polar opposite of the perpetrators of the massacre at the French satirical … Continue reading